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Bereaved children get vital support from fitness fans

Bereaved Children Get Vital Support From Fitness Fans

Jigsaw (South East) is sending a heartfelt thanks to members of The Gym Group Plc. Since 2014, they have donated a remarkable £94,761 to our child bereavement charity.

On joining, The Gym Group encouraged new members to make a voluntary donation to a nominated charity. Over 85% chose to do so, and we were lucky enough to be a long term beneficiary.

Carolyn Steer

Carolyn Steer is our Business Development Manager. She said:

“The income we’ve received from The Gym Group members for seven years has been of significant benefit to us. We’re a small charity, and we provide a free service to all children and young people who need us, so we rely on donations and grants to run our Grief Support and Preparing for Loss outreach.

“The incredible generosity of The Gym Group members has enabled us to help and guide many families through the most devastating period of their lives. The donations have now ended, and we will be forever grateful for the support given.”

John Treharne

John Treharne is the Founder and CEO of the Gym Group Plc. He said:

“Supporting community, and good causes is key to our ethos. The Gym Group was set up and backed by Bridges Ventures PEP in 2008 to provide community health and fitness activity that all could afford.

“As we have grown, our ever-increasing membership has been delighted to help Jigsaw (South East) and support the fantastic work it does in Sussex, Surrey and Kent.”

With the ongoing pandemic, Jigsaw (South East)’s Grief and Preparing for Loss services are needed now more than ever. If you are interested in supporting our work, you can find out more here:



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