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“I was up in the night feeling sick.” Read Kat Wray’s Day 2 blog as she cycles 1000 miles for bereaved children

“I Was Up In The Night Feeling  Sick.” Read Kat Wray’s Day 2 Blog As She Cycles 1000 Miles For Bereaved Children

Sadly back problems have prevented Becky Power from starting the 1000m cycling fundraising challenge from John O’Groat’s to Land’s End (JOGLE), with her buddy Kat Wray.  A bed ridden Becky hopes to join in later.

Dear All,

Thank you so much for all your replies and I am so sorry I can’t respond but please keep sending them as they help so much. The reason it’s hard to reply is that on getting back to the hotel soaking wet, there’s just an hour to wash your kit in the sink, find enough places to hang it to dry, have a recovery drink, have a little cry whilst willing your toes to come to life and then shower and cover yourself with Sudocrem.

Next up is a quick dinner and a rush to bed, so I can get a few hours sleep before the anxiety of the next day sets in.I had genuinely forgotten the difficulties that come with a challenge such as this. Don’t get me wrong I feel lucky to be here and able to do it,  but it’s an odd thing to decide to cycle all day – 8/9 hours in all weather conditions.

Yesterday was another battle against the elements, driving icy rain for the whole second half of the day which was also predominantly up hill. The views were stunning, out of this world in fact. Passing lochs, acres of woodlands, countless huge cows and bulls who look at us like we’re mad and ending on the edge of the Cairngorms National Park.

I want to write more but it’s 6am and I have to get my kit on to head out again. I was up a lot in the night feeling really sick which I can only assume might be fatigue or a bit of dehydration. Weirdly with all the rain you forget to drink enough!

Today is full of climbing through the national park BUT no rain! Plus I’ve been promised beautiful scenery and downhill for the last 20 miles of the day! I promise you all I’m working hard for your money !

Read Kat’s Day 1 blog here.

Find out here about the two little girls who inspired Kat and Becky to support Jigsaw (South East) bereavement charity.

You can donate to Kat’s challenge via

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