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It’s a Fundraiser, Get me out of Here!

It’s A Fundraiser, Get Me Out Of Here!

From holding newts, eating cold vegetables and standing in baked beans, the children and staff at a Surrey Primary school have gone the extra mile to fundraise for Jigsaw (South East) child bereavement charity during the pandemic.

Inspired by ITVs, ‘I’m a Celebrity…’ the Lingfield Primary School community has pushed itself outside of its comfort zone to rally behind a good cause, with a series of wacky “Class Tucker” challenges.

Teacher, Jodie Lancashire says: “Jigsaw (South East) is a very important charity that has supported many of our children through difficult circumstances. We wanted to give back during this time, so decided to do something fun which everyone could get involved in whether at home or school.”

Sophie Bewley is Jigsaw (South East)’s Fundraising Coordinator.

“This is brilliant. We can’t thank the children and staff of Lingfield Primary School enough. Jigsaw’s been significantly affected by the cancellation of our fundraising events and plans at a time local families need our support more than ever, so it’s fabulous that the school has come up with such a great idea.”

You can donate to the Lingfield Primary School “It’s a Fundraiser, Get me out of here” page via this link:

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