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Doug digs deep to finish JOGLE for Rob

Doug Digs Deep To Finish JOGLE For Rob

Doug Bewley and Rob Barden are back home following a roller coaster of a journey from John O’Groats to Land’s End, raising money to support bereaved children.

Rob managed to cycle an amazing 800-miles despite suffering from severe knee pain, which forced him to see a physio on day four. He had battled through it, but on Friday with constant discomfort and in near agony, he was finally forced to listen to his body and stop cycling.

Doug continued alone,  arriving at Land’s End in the late afternoon on Saturday 31st August, eight days after setting off. He was met by Rob’s Mum and sister, Val and Jen, who had travelled down to surprise the duo.  Despite Rob’s absence they remained to see Doug safely finish the JOGLE journey.

Doug with Val and Jen

Doug Bewley arrives at Land’s End

The friends and workmates at Unique Technical Solutions in East Grinstead, have so far raised £800 for Jigsaw (South East ) bereavement charity.  After their phenomenal effort please help them reach their target of £2000. You can donate via their Just Giving page.

Find out what inspired Doug and Rob to ride from John O’Groats to Land’s End.

















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