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Fundraising ideas

Let’s be honest we are more likely to do something, and do it well, if it’s fun and what we enjoy doing so please select an activity that best suits you.

Sponsored events:  If you’re feeling fit and healthy why not raise some funds by doing a…

Swimathon– Make a splash for a local charity! Anyone of any age can arrange a Swimathon as long as they can swim. The only thing you have to do is find some sponsors, go for a swim – as far as you’re comfortable with, alone or with friends and family – and then collect and donate to Jigsaw (South East).

Fun run– do a friendly race that involves either road running or cross country running with participants you can gather or enter with.

Run run – For information about our charity places for the London and Brighton Marathons click HERE.

Zumba- thon – organise a sponsored dance exercise class.

Bike ride – an excellent way to raise money, whilst involving people of all age groups and fitness levels. Set a course/route for a good day and receive sponsorship for completing the course entirely.

Go without – receive sponsorship to go without chocolate, T.V, video games, sleeping late, texting, coffee or anything your friends doubt you can go without.

Arrange a quiz night – Organise a quiz night with friends or at your local pub, where they all pay a £1 or more and you set the questions. All entry fees will go to Jigsaw (South East).

Ebay – Turn out all your old stuff and sell it on Ebay. You’ll be amazed how much all your unwanted goods can raise.

Coffee morning – This is a wonderful idea to raise valuable funds while doing something everybody loves: eating, drinking and having a chat! It’s best to do this with a large group of people this could be at your place of work, your children’s/local school or local town hall. Simply sell tea and coffee along with some baked treats.

Not a baker? Our volunteers have used Kripsy Kreme in the past with their fundraising scheme please visit

If you feel uncomfortable arranging a large scale coffee morning you can simply host one in the comfort of your own home with friends, family and neighbours.

Name the Teddy Create a list of names (-+ 40 names) on your sponsor form and select the secret winning name. Let people pick a name for 50p or a £1 and provide their contact details. Once all the spaces are filled on the form contact the winner of the competition, the person who guessed the correct name, wins the teddy. (Or any soft toy).

Lucky dip Secret Santa Ask people to donate little gifts then wrap them up and ask people for a donation to select a lucky dip present.

Pamper night Set up your house as a relaxation parlour and invite friends over to enjoy a night of luxury with face masks, manicures/pedicures, massages, reflexology, make up, eye brow shaping, hair styled, Indian head massage ect.

Money Pot Use your own money pot (or any box/container, empty jar) and fill it with all your loose change at the end of each day. Once your money pot is full count all the money and donate the total to Jigsaw (South East).

Tell us all about it!

Once your event is completed, please let us know how it went and send us any pictures you’re happy to share!

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