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Brighton Marathon 2014

Brighton Marathon 2014

Run for Jigsaw (South East) and support children through the loss of a loved one

We currently have two places left available for the Brighton Marathon on Sunday 6th April 2014. Public entries are now full. If you are interested in running for our charity please read the FAQs below:

What does Jigsaw (South East) do?

Jigsaw (South East) supports bereaved children, young people and their families and also those affected by a family member having a terminal diagnosis throughout Surrey, Sussex and surrounding areas.

The death or serious illness of a family member can be devastating and bring many challenges into the life of a young person.

Children need to given age appropriate information and support so that they can understand what is happening within their family. Parents may need reassurance and support during such a difficult time.

It is important that children are allowed to grieve in their own way and in their own time. They will have different responses to death and dying depending on their age and experience.

The impact of bereavement can be devastating and have a major impact on children’s home life, school and friendships. It may also affect their health, behaviour and ability to cope in school.

How do I apply for a place?

To apply for one of our places, simply email or call 01342 313895 and speak to one of our team.

How much will I have to raise ?

You will be pleased to know we do not charge for our places but we ask that you commit to raising a minimum of £500 for our charity.

How will Jigsaw (South East) support me?

Obviously we will provide you with a great motivation for running and a loud and enthusiastic support team on the day but we will also provide you with:

  • An information pack & email updates of the day
  • A Jigsaw (South East) running vest
  • A sponsorship form

What happens if I cannot fulfil my place?

If for any reason you need to withdraw from your place, you will need to advise the Brighton Marathon race organisers and also the Jigsaw (South East) team. We will be able to provide you with information on how to transfer the place to 2015.

When will I receive my number?

Having registered, you will receive your official number about two weeks before the race. You will also receive a timing chip which allows us and your family and friends to track you through the Brighton Marathon race app.

Where can I find out further information about the Brighton Marathon 2014?

To find out further information about the race, you can visit their official website.

Once you have registered, you should receive regular updates from the Brighton Marathon organisers and we will also keep you informed of relevant information.


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