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Jigsaw on the airwaves!

Jigsaw On The Airwaves!

Jigsaw (South East) has been invited to speak on Meridian FM Community Radio at 1pm on Saturday 21 July 2018

Operations Manager Nickey Price and Business Development Manager Carolyn Steer will be speaking on Meridian FM’s popular Saturday show ‘Rotary on the Radio‘ this Saturday. This regular Meridian FM slot often features some of the many local charities that the local Meridian Rotary Club supports as well as local figures of interest.

Nickey and Carolyn will be talking about all aspects of Jigsaw (South East) including how it can help bereaved families and those facing the devastating loss of a loved one, how it is funded and more.

Tune in!

Rotary on the Radio: 1pm, Saturday 21 July 2018, Meridian 107FM


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