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Jigsaw (South East) recognises that we have a duty of care for the children and young people we provide services for and that their safety and welfare is paramount. Safeguarding aims to protect children from neglect, physical, emotional and sexual abuse to ensure they grow up with the provision of safe and effective care. 

 It is the duty of our trustees, staff and volunteers to work within our safeguarding procedures, policies and guidance as set out in our Safeguarding policy.  

 Jigsaw (South East) will ensure that: 

  •  All children and young people in contact with Jigsaw (South East) will be valued, respected and listened to. 
  • Staff and volunteers act upon and record any concerns for the safety and welfare of the children and families it supports. 
  • Current legislation about safeguarding and good practice with children and parents/carers is shared with staff and volunteers. 
  • Annual reviews of its Safeguarding policies and procedures is undertaken. 

 For a copy of our Safeguarding Policy please email 

April 2019


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