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Let’s Talk About Dying

Let’s Talk About Dying

The Covid-19 pandemic has sadly meant that even more families need our service. It is so important that children feel able to talk openly and ask questions about dying, death and bereavement, if they want to, without feeling they are breaking a taboo. We welcome this week to focus on openness about something which impacts us all.”        Jennie Hattan, Jigsaw (South East)

How do we respond when someone wants to discuss death, grief, their will or funeral plans? It is easy to sidestep or deflect that conversation.  It’s understandably hard for people to talk about death and the practical aspects of getting ready for it,  so when someone wants to talk about death, we owe it to them to be the other half of that conversation. If they want to talk, we need to listen.

Dying To Be Heard is the theme of this year’s  Dying Matters Awareness Week. It’s focusing on how to help by listening. Research has shown that most people haven’t taken care of the practical aspects of death, which include writing a will, deciding on organ donation, planning future care, and sharing/ thinking about funeral plans. And even for those who have, the emotional aspect of being ready for death can be challenging. 

During this difficult and challenging period of the Coronavirus pandemic, thousands of families have faced the unexpected death of a loved one. They will not have had the opportunity to plan and talk about death, but now they will be grieving and need support. Dying Matters week is about encouraging us all to open up and talk and listen.

Jigsaw (South East) has a dedicated HELPLINE. Call us on 01342 313895. For  information about Dying Matters Awareness Week click HERE.

My Wishes is a free will writing app and end of life services, which will help you document your funeral wishes, plan your future care and safeguard your digital legacy. 


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