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Celebrating Jigsaw (South East) Volunteers – Meet John Treharne

Celebrating Jigsaw (South East) Volunteers – Meet John Treharne

“My three daughters lost their mother to Breast Cancer when they were young and in those days there were no organisations like Jigsaw (South East) available to help them.”

For seven years the founder of the Gym Group, John Treharne, has been the chair of Trustees for Jigsaw (South East). A local boy, born in Cuckfield and now based in Forest Row, John – a former England squash player and national racquetball champion, started Dragons Health Clubs in 1991 and the Gym Group in 2007.

It was his personal experience with bereavement that insjohntreharnepired the business entrepreneur to volunteer with Jigsaw (South East).

What skills have you  brought to the role? 

I studied Economics at University and initially trained and worked as an accountant. I brought my commercial and financial background to the role.

I’ve been closely involved with fundraising and have been able to help stabilise the charity financially.

In addition to attending volunteer training sessions I have a much better idea how I can help the charity sustain and develop the wonderful work it does.

What do you get out of volunteering?

I am able to help families through very difficult times.

Everyone’s journey is different, but I understand the emotions many of them are experiencing and have first hand experience of the impact of the death of a parent on young children.

What skills have you learned as a volunteer?

I’ve learned how to help.


We thank John and all of our volunteers for the invaluable work they do. If  you are interested in working with us as a volunteer in fundraising, admin or with families, please contact Sarah Dodson by




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