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“Numb feet, Numb fingers” Read Top Kat’s day 3&4 blog as she cycles JOGLE

“Numb Feet, Numb Fingers” Read Top Kat’s Day 3&4 Blog As She Cycles JOGLE
Kat Wray

Sadly back problems have prevented Becky Power from starting the 1000m cycling fundraising challenge from John O’Groat’s to Land’s End (JOGLE), with her buddy Katharine (Kat) Wray.  A bed ridden Becky hopes to join in later.

Hi Everyone,

I’m putting two days together, but the fatigue is setting in and with all the chores at the end of the day I’m exhausted by 10pm and need to sleep. So I’m going to bullet point:

Cairngorm National Park – stunning
Aviemore ski resort – highest point and cold
Sore legs, Rain, Wind, Hills
100000 graze bars, Two gels
Rain, Rain, Rain
Sore under carriage
Fish and chips
Hotel that would give Fawlty Towers a good run for its money!
Swearing, Hugs
Tears at breakfast – mine but it did help dilute my porridge which was like cement.
Numb feet, Numb fingers
Best friend Liam joined for the day and kept me smiling whilst drafting me for miles
Sandra’s magic arnica leg balm
Hugs, Rain, Sleet
20 mile climb at the end of yesterday into wind and rain
Laughter, Hysteria emergency poo stop – thankfully not for me!  Turns out men of a certain age go to the loo ALOT.
Amazing hotel in both Perth and Moffat
Rain, Bananas , Bananas, Bananas

Honestly this is tough. The weather is not on our side, but I’ve been promised it will improve. I am not sure I’ve ever worked this hard. I stay at the back, not through choice, I’m one of the slowest of the pack. I keep smiling, but it’s not always easy.

This is where you find your friends and I have a lot xx

You can read all of Kat’s blogs on the Jigsaw (South East) website and read here about the two little girls who have inspired this cycling challenge.

You can donate to Kat’s and Bex JOGLE via

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