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Celebrating Jigsaw (South East) Volunteers – Meet Young Ambassador Hannah Romaine

Celebrating Jigsaw (South East) Volunteers – Meet Young Ambassador Hannah Romaine

“I was nine when my father died. I attended the Jigsaw family group sessions with my mum (my brother was too little to go) and I always knew that some day I would like to give something back to this amazing charity that helped my family when we most needed it.”

19-year-old Hannah Romaine is one of Jigsaw (South East)’s Young Ambassadors. She has been on a gap year and is going to university to study Law this Autumn. Despite a busy teenage lifestyle Hannah finds the time to support the charity by attending events and sharing her story and experiences, along with fellow Young Ambassador, Molly Humphreys, who is also 19.

Hannah & Molly with presenter Danny Pike

What do you get out of volunteering?

So much! My confidence in public speaking has grown, as I’ve been interviewed on the radio about Jigsaw several times and given after-dinner speeches.

It’s also been lovely to attend family group sessions to hand out teddy bears to the children. Seeing the friendships they have made, as well as the smiles on their faces is really special.

How has Volunteering changed you as a person?

Volunteering has definitely made me feel proud of everything I have done, not only in support of Jigsaw but to spread the word about bereavement.

What has Volunteering taught you about yourself?

It has taught me that I can speak to large audiences, that I have voice and can use it positively.

What is the best part about being a volunteer?

Everything! But I especially love talking to people and raising awareness about this fantastic charity!

What advice would you give to anyone unsure about becoming a volunteer?

Get involved! You can give up as much, or as little of your time as you wish, but every little bit helps!

Molly, Hannah & Christopher Moore, Head of Freemasons in Sussex

It’s such a rewarding role and I love every minute of being a Young Ambassador for Jigsaw (South East).

We thank Hannah (and Molly) and all of our volunteers for the invaluable work they do. If  you are interested in working with us as a volunteer in fundraising, admin or with families, please contact Sarah Dodson by

This is an update to Hannah’s 2019 interview.


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