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How you can support Jigsaw in 2023!

How You Can Support Jigsaw In 2023!

In a year when many people are struggling, you may find yourself wondering how you can help others in our local community. From the long-lasting effects of the pandemic to the cost-of-living crisis, there are so many challenges 

At Jigsaw (South East) the effects of the pandemic on children and young people facing the death of a parent are still being felt and demand for our support has risen considerably since the start of the pandemic.

Losing a parent as an adult can be incredibly painful. Losing a parent when you are still a child can be devastating and life-changing. Last year, every child or young person that we supported had either experienced the death of a loved one – a mum, dad, sibling, grandparent or close friend – or was preparing to face the death of a loved one from a serious illness. Some lost a parent through illness, others through a tragic accident and some to a parental suicide. All were heart-breaking for that child. We helped over 500 local children and young people cope with their devastating loss.

Would you like to feel that you are helping those children? You can.

We rely on fundraising and donations – however big or small – raised from the local community. £50 raised from a cake sale brings a smile to our face; £1,000 from a significant challenge has us skipping around the office. Any funds help bring back smiles to the faces of bereaved children as they navigate their way through their loss, with the Jigsaw team supporting them. Whether it is at one of our Family Groups or one of our fun social events, the funding we receive pays for a more hopeful future for those who have lost a loved one at such a young age.

So, how can you help?

  • Find any challenge and choose Jigsaw as your charity to support
  • Run a fundraising event – big or small – and donate the proceeds to Jigsaw
  • Choose a charity donation instead of gifts from friends on a special occasion
  • Donate to us monthly – from £3 a month
  • Volunteer your time

This year we’d love you to support us, feel a sense of achievement and help a child through their painful bereavement. Visit Support Us for more information and inspiration 

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