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Kat Wray’s Day 1 blog as she cycles 1000 miles to help bereaved Children

Kat Wray’s Day 1 Blog As She Cycles 1000 Miles To Help Bereaved Children
Katharine Wray

Sadly back problems have prevented Becky Power from starting the 1000m cycling fundraising challenge from John O’Groats to Land’s End (JOGLE), with her buddy Kat Wray.  A bed ridden Becky hopes to join in later this week.

Kat set off yesterday morning, with a support team of fellow cyclists, and she told us how the first day progressed:

“Mmmm how to sum up today…

155km ridden

5000 ft of climbing

2935 calories burnt

15mph head winds



Icy hail


The first half of the day was stunning, warm and sunny despite the wind. We passed the most beautiful hills and lochs and you could see the Ockney islands in the distance. The roads are tough and rough, far from smooth and at times unforgiving. Thankfully you have the most beautiful back drop to distract you.

We stopped for lunch in this lovely little cafe that seemed to appear from nowhere, we got a warm welcome along with hot lentil soup.

However, 20 minutes after leaving the cafe the heavens opened and down came the rain. Not just a shower but a huge down pour that then turned into a hail storm. We rode on and in the end were laughing at how stupid we all are to be here doing this but strangely it was quite exhilarating and I felt alive.

The rain and hail kept us company for the next 40 miles… yes 40 miles! You couldn’t even stop for two long as the midges would swarm in and attack!

I was so happy to finally get to the hotel and have a hot shower and wring out my sodden kit!

It was a tough day but I was surrounded by great friends who stayed by my side even when I knew they could have gone much faster than me. I owe them all a pint tonight!

Only NINE days left.”

Read here about the two little girls who inspired Kat and Becky to support Jigsaw (South East) bereavement charity.

You can support the ride here:

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