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“Running saved me,” says ultra fit Surrey man clocking up miles for Jigsaw

“Running Saved Me,” Says Ultra Fit Surrey Man Clocking Up Miles For Jigsaw

In the last four years running has helped Ricky Mowatt, shed a third of his body weight and improve his mental health. Now, the Tolworth man has taken on a series of challenges, to raise money for causes close to him including Jigsaw (South East) child bereavement charity.

Just last week Ricky, 32, was invited to take part in a global 24-hour race, in which all 1100 participants would be running one mile an hour. “Despite the short notice I said yes. I’m competitive. I always push myself and like to see what my body can do, so I decided to do two miles an hour and then someone I know was running 2.5, so I had to do 2.6,” the garage manager joked.

“I’ve been fundraising for Jigsaw because one of my best mates was adopted as a child, after both his parents died. Then tragically, when his own son was 13, his partner died. I know how much the charity helps devastated families.”

Starting at 8AM on Saturday, Ricky hit the streets of Kingston every hour, with each interval taking him about 20 minutes. He had only 40 minutes recovery before starting the next lap. He says it was brutal.

“For 17 hours I ran 2.6 mile laps every 60 minutes, but then my legs started going. My partner Maz was my support crew, cycling next to me and keeping my sugar levels up. The last seven hours I had to slow down the pace to 1.7 miles. Waffles, strawberries and chocolate spread got me to the end!

“I completed 51 miles in the 24 hours, which puts me into the top 50 finishers worldwide, for distance,” Ricky added.

Sophie Bewley is Jigsaw (South East)’s Fundraising Co-ordinator: “Ricky is amazing. He’s continued to support for us throughout the pandemic, during a period when our community fundraising has been hit hard. His commitment helps us continue our vital work with bereaved families and those preparing for loss.”

Ricky says the advice his doctor gave him in 2016 was transformative: “I was 18 stone, overweight, with bipolar and Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). I was encouraged to buy a sports watch and get fit, so I took up running, lost 44 kilos and haven’t looked back. It changed my life.”

Ricky is a now a seasoned ultra runner and a member of the Surbiton based, 26.2 Road Runners Club (26.2 RRC). Earlier this year, as part of his fundraising efforts, he ran 10 marathons across 10 days. He is also on the start lists for the rescheduled Brighton and London races. And if that isn’t enough he has already marked April 2021 in his diary to run JOGLE – John O’Groats to Lands End. Ricky is, of course, taking the long route of 1100 miles, and will be averaging 40 miles a day for 27 days.

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