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Talking openly about death helps bereaved children

Talking Openly About Death Helps Bereaved Children

“As a society, we need to engage sensitively and empathically in tough conversations about loss and death”. 

Katie Stratton

The Jigsaw (South East) team is full of dedicated and passionate people whose goal is to support children and young people who have gone through or are facing the devastating loss of a parent or close relative. Katie Stratton is one of our Grief Support Workers.

“I enjoy working as part of such a committed team and meeting the most resilient and inspiring people. I hope my role helps the families I work with to feel supported and cared for during the most challenging time. I’ve learned that my own grief helps me to hold a space for others’ grief.

“When we talk about death or dying, we’re faced with our own mortality and the mortality of people we love – this makes us vulnerable, and it’s very difficult for us to sit with our most vulnerable feelings. We need to support others in sitting with their painful feelings in response to loss.

“I’ve learned that human connection is more vital than ever and that a person’s resilience is always greater than they can comprehend.

“Bereavement can have a devastating impact on a child. By donating to Jigsaw (South East), you can contribute to providing support at a critical time, where you can make a difference to a child’s current and future well-being”.

If you or someone you know needs support contact us on 01342 313895 or email

The Good Grief Virtual Festival of Loss and Love is taking place online from 30th October to 1st November 2020. It is free to attend and aims to help people talk, think and learn about grief. Find out more here.





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