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Jigsaw Marathoners raise £7828 in Brighton!

On Sunday 7th April 2024, over 13,000 runners took to the streets of Brighton to run 26.2 miles whilst competing with 40mph winds and the first signs of summer with temperatures at 18 degrees.  Amongst those runners were three extra special people, Carrie, Tommy and Jojo, who all wore their Jigsaw running tops with pride to help raise funds and awareness of Jigsaw South East.  The fantastic trio raised £7808, thank you so much Team Brighton, we are so grateful for your support. 



Carrie’s husband passed away from Cancer in 2013 and their son was just four years old at the time.  Carrie recalls “The worst thing I ever had to do was tell my 4-year-old son that his daddy had died.  He looked back at me, his eyes filling with tears and said, ‘but he’s left his shoes…”. Carrie remembers “This was the darkest and loneliest time, and it is for all grieving families.  Jigsaw helps prepare you for these awful moments and supports families who are dealing with terminal illness before the parent has died.”  Carrie attended groups after her husbands death with her son and she told us “My son still has his memory jar and box that he made in the group.  It really helped him capture memories of his daddy and process them.” 

Despite being a runner, Carrie chose to run her first ever marathon for Jigsaw South East.  Carrie told us “I’ve always said never a marathon, but the opportunity to raise funds for such a great cause was too important to miss”. After the event an emotional Carrie recorded a video for us saying “Thank you everyone that sponsored me.  That is the hardest thing I have ever done in my life, but I did it, and I did it for you guys and for Jigsaw.”  Absolutely amazing running Carrie, you did us all proud.  



Tommy contacted us before we had even announced we had charity places available to ask if he could run for us, we snapped up his offer!  Tommy’s girlfriend Hannah lost her Dad when she was just 7 years old.  Hannah’s mum Debbie Springford is a Jigsaw Trustee, who has told her story here. Tommy said “I would be honoured to run in support of helping people who have lost loved ones, Hannah and Debbie both speak so highly of Jigsaw and the wonderful work you do, I want to help.”  How could we say no!  Tommy trained hard for the Marathon and made our fundraising manager, Sally’s job of spotting him hard when he sprinted past her on several occasions during the event with his impressive pace, covering the first 10k in just 46 minutes, phenomenal running! 



Jojo’s husband, Matthew died suddenly in January 2023.  When Jojo first contacted us about running for Jigsaw, she told us that her first full day out with Matthew was in Brighton and so it felt fitting to complete this challenge in a special location for them both.  Jojo said, “I want to be able to help in any way for all the children going through the most unimaginable pain, like my two children were until we started being supported by Jigsaw.” Jojo’s training was eventful, and she kept us updated with her progress, even when she was poo’d on by a bird whilst out running, a sure sign that she would be triumphant on the day! 

When Jojo laced up her trainers in Brighton on 7th April, Matthew’s memory was right with her on the trainer tags she was wearing on her shoes.  Before the event Jojo told us she wanted to make her children proud, she certainly did that, and all of the Jigsaw team too.  After the marathon Jojo said “It was a truly amazing experience, doing something I thought I was not capable of and completing it is just insane!  The whole event was so inspiring!”  We are so proud of all of our runners and we don’t think any of them are about to stop running anytime soon! 

Feeling inspired?

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